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About EIMS

EIMS “Erawing International Marketing School” is one of the leading Digital Marketing training companies in India.

Who we are?

Erawing International Marketing School (EIMS) is a trademark of “Marketwin Corporation” as a leading Digital Marketing training companies for Corporate, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Jobs seekers and Students.

We also offer customized Digital Marketing & Business Consulting Programs for corporations to scale up their businesses.

Our Most Integrated and Beneficial Program is Certified Digital Entrepreneurship.
It Covers Following 4 Fields.
1.)Entrepreneurship & Digital Innovation
2.)Advanced Digital Marketing
3.)Basic of Cyber Security & Hacking
4.)Leadership & Personality Development

Who Participates?

1.)Sales & Marketing Professionals
Working Professionals with roles in sales, marketing, business development, branding, advertising, communication

2.)Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to establish a global presence

3.)Jobs Seekers
Industry offering more than 18 lacks jobs in next 2 years, starting salary of 1.9-3.7 lacks, get 100% jobs assistance support

4.)Interns or Early Professionals
Interns or Early professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in online marketing method

Learn new skill in demand, get better pay package, earn extra income part time

Trainees from

Many of startups, entrepreneurs and these small companies


Learn how to market a business online just like experts & agencies do it. Learn from real practitioners not just trainers.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist (CDMS)

CDMS course will enable you to develop excellence and expertise in various disciplines of
Digital Marketing – SEO, SEM, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Email Marketing.
CDMS supplements you with additional specialization modules and tools to intensify your hands on based upon individuals’ need and objective.
The participant is expected to gain working knowledge, interaction skills, discipline of dealing in digital marketing and boost ones’ understanding in the framework of plans and layouts presented within online marketing businesses and it’s operations.


Become Industry Ready

All our courses are approved by Industry thought Leaders, the global standard for digital marketing certification.

Get practical, hands-on experience with case studies, projects, tools, and exercises.

Interact with industry experts and faculty through exclusive seminars and In-class training.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Special about Erawing courses?

Erawing is the only Institute that provide digital marketing courses with digital safety & advanced entrepreneurship module, Erawing’s complete course developed and reviewed by industry thought leaders.

Do I get any practical hands-on training as well?

You get complete course module training with proper step by step practical sessions. You will work on live project with under expert’s guidelines. So after completing these practical hand on training you will be able to understand the things in a much better way and help you build your expertise in the functional area.

Who will award CDMS & Other certification?

CDMS Certification offered by Erawing’s partner company i.e. Google and unit of Marketwin Corporation. You will also get certification from Facebook, Google and HP after passing online exams.

What kind of hands-on training experience will I get in this course?

You will get 100+ hours of practical work. You will do a number of practical, hands-on experience with case studies, projects, tools, and exercises to become digital marketing specialist. These opportunities include running live Display Advertising (e.g. Google, Facebook, and YouTube) campaigns, perform SEO Ranking, creating Digital Marketing Strategy, and use various tools. After completing digital marketing practical train you will get additional training on digital safety & Entrepreneurship module.

Is the certification recognized all over India in any industry?

Yes, the certification is recognized all over India in any industry

What is the scope of Placement for students?

We are regularly approached by agencies and brands for their employment needs. Our Placement Cell provides guidance and assistance to all participants who are certified by Erawing International Marketing School.

What’s the salary range for professionals in digital marketing?

At an initial level, a student or a fresher starts his/her career as an executive or assisting editor and earns around Rs 1.5 Lacs salary per annum in India. At a digital marketing head position, salary rises to as high as Rs 30 Lacs. Professionals with exceptional educational qualification (e.g. from IITs/IIMs),with highly relevant work experience ,understanding of digital marketing, high rate of growth in start-ups & established platform companies such as Flipkart and amazon are offered as high as Rs. 1 crore salary as well.

What are the courses being offered?

We provide the most integrated, comprehensive and flexible Digital Marketing Training Program at basic and advanced levels.

What is the validity/accreditation of these courses?

The certificate courses here are reviewed and validated by marketing industry experts to provide you the advanced knowledge and fundamentals of digital marketing.
The programs include all the components and fields of digital marketing. Practical demonstrations ads to your skill and expertise.

How far your certified course is officially recognized?

Yes, the certification is recognized all over India with national approval in the marketing industry.

I don’t have a website or a blog. How will I learn hands-on in this program?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We will begin your program with your own website/blog creation so that you can simultaneously apply the learning’s of this internet marketing course practically.

Can I earn a bulk amount of money as an Affiliate Marketer after doing this course?

Unlike few other Digital Marketing training institutes, we don’t want to mislead you by showing a pathway, which may be initially difficult to fulfill. But the good news is that it’s possible for you to become a freelancer after doing our course, consistent increments are possible but earning bulk money as an affiliate marketer is a rare opportunity and ideally requires an enormous investment of time, attention capturing skills, patience, and even luck. If it were so easy then we would have hired trainees and offered them to do that for us :).

Maximize the potential of your success

From being an alternative selection channel, the Internet today has become a prime mover in core marketing activities like advertising, sales, creation of word-of-mouth customer service, new product design and even branding. As the digital marketing field continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital era.

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